Zonic (aka Ziggy Newman) is from Cambridge in England and is best known for arranging classic 8 and 16 bit gaming soundtracks into full songs with lyrics with updated electronic instruments. The soundtrack titles she has arranged include the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Ecco the Dolphin and Lemmings.

Since the beginning of her career she has been fascinated with 8-bit and 16-bit gaming music having first got into it as a child singing along to the soundtracks of the Sega Megadrive console whilst playing. Since then she has expanded her obsession to other forms of electronic music including industrial, trance, 90′s house and electroacoustic composition being inspired by artists such as The Future Sound of London, VNV Nation and New Age electronic musician Diane Arkenstone.

She currently tours gaming conventions across the UK performing her music having performed already at Summer of Sonic and London Gaming Convention. She has also appeared on a japanese earthquake charity Chiptune compilation organized by British Chiptune pioneer PixelH8.

Web – www.zonicmusic.com
Facebook – Zonic Page in Facebook
twitter – @ZonicMusic

Zonic (aka Ziggy Newman) es de Cambridge (Inglaterra) y es conocida por modificar bandas sonoras clásicas de 8 y 16bits y convertirlas en completas canciones añadiéndoles letras e instrumentos electrónicos. Entre los títulos de bandas sonoras que ella ha utilizado se encuentra la serie de Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin y Lemmings.

Desde el inicio de su carrera se quedó fascinada por la música en 8 y 16 bits de los videojuegos y solía cantar sobre las bandas sonoras de la Sega Megadrive mientras jugaba. Desde entonces su obsesión se expandió a otras formas de electrónica como el trance, el house de los 90 y la electroacústica inspirada en artistas como The Future Sound of London, VNV Nation y la cantante de New Age Diane Arkenstone.

Actualmente ella organiza convenciones de videojuegos por todo el Reino Unido además de haber actuado ya en el Summer of Sonic y en la London Gaming Convetion. Asimismo ha aparecido en una compilación de Chiptune japonesa organizada por uno de los pioneros del Chiptune británico, PixelH8.

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