Cake aux asperges (feat Flip-Flop) by Spintr0nic

Spintronic began his Gameboy adventure during the hot summer of 2008. He started to learn about LSDJ after the Sidabitball’s master-show at Festen#1, impressed by the power of its sound.

Since then, he developed music that brings to your mind cauliflowers, llamas and massive cookies invading planets, making fun with inhabitants and dancing all night long. Some of his tracks have been used in video games such as “The Great Paper Adventure” or “Squid Yes, Not So Octopus 2: Squid Harder”.

In 2011, Spintronic launched the “Furious Advance Tracker” (FAT) project, a software that allows you to play music on a Gameboy Advance/Micro. Code is fully open-source, trying to create a community around it.

web – chiptunes-headbangers.net
twitter – @Spintr0nic
facebook page – Spintronic
soundcloud spintr0nic

Spintronic comenzó su aventura con la GameBoy en el caluroso verano de 2008 tras asistir al master-show de Sidabitball sobre el LSDJ en la Festen#1 y quedarse impresionado por su sonido.

Desde entonces desarrolla música que evoca coliflores, llamas y galletas enormes invadiendo planetas con el objetivo de hacerte reír y bailar durante toda la noche. Algunas de sus canciones han sido utilizadas en videojuegos como “The Great Paper Adventure” o “Squid Yes, Not So Octopus 2: Squid Harder”.

En 2011, Spintronic lanzó el proyecto FAT “Furious Advance Tracker”, un software de código abierto que permite crear música con la GameBoy Advance/Micro a la vez que intenta crear una nueva comunidad.

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