Stars EP by Schnauz

The music of Schnauz is a combination of old-school rave, chiptune and contemporary electronic music. It’s Sommer’s way of tapping into his love for old school game music. Daniel is producing sound and background noise for games, compositions on order or sound designs for webtrailers, films, audio & sound brandings, perfomances and audiovisual projects. He is working with analogue equipment as well as with various effect devices and with unconventional equipment such as gameboys, own soundpatches, field recordings etc. As Schnauz, he tears down boarders with his cutting edge live sets and playing shows around europe.

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La música de Schnauz es una combinación de rave de la vieja escuela, chiptune y música electro contemporánea. El camino de Sommer marca su amor por la música de la vieja escuela. Daniel produce sonido y bases sonoras para los juegos, componiendo ordenadamente o diseñando sonidos para trailers, películas, marcas de audio y sonido, actuaciones y proyectos audiovisuales. Trabaja con equipo analógico y con muchos aparatos de efectos además de un poco convencional equipo como gameboys, parches de sonido hechos a mano, field recordings… Schnauz, tiene un estilo cortante en vivo y recorre toda Europa con sus shows.

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  1. Sergio
    Posted 15 febrero, 2013 at 18:35 | Permalink

    I love the music of Schnauz. Really cool hybrid of chiptune and rave / jungle sounds.
    Pity that the soundcloud player does not work.

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