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Specializing on the Commodore 64 SID chip only, Mauro Staci, aka MAT64, has released eleven albums since ’99, as well as crafting remixes for artists as varied as Italian techno godfather Marco Passarani, Zuntata, Iron Maiden, Mat101, bRUNA, Tom7, Pantera and traditional italian folk music “stornelli” (the old school of the old school). A member of “Cervello Meccanico Records” and MicRoma HQ collective, selected as the first 8-bit participant ever of the Red Bull Music Academy, MAT64 provides “Square Wave Rage” for the masses.
Old Computer games play a large part in Mauro’s artistic vision – he aims to bring back the 8-bits to their original roots: the video game music.
“Gaiares 64″, “Last Ninja Tribute”, “Summon Elemental”, “Sushi in the fishbowl”, “Hamster in the oven”, are just few track titles from the MAT64 discography directly inspired to the videogame history.

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Especializándose en el Commodore 64 con el chip SID sólo, Mauro Staci, aka MAT64, ha lanzado once albums desde el ’99, como también creando remixes para artistas como un Italiano techno padrino Marco Passarani, Zuntat, Iron Maiden, Mat101, bRUNA, Tom7, Pantera y folk tradicional italiano “stornelli” (la vieja escuela de la vieja escuela). Un miembor de “Cervello Meccanico Records” y MicRoma HQ collective, elegido como el primer participante de 8-bit de la Red Bull Music Academy, MAT64 provee “Square Wave Rage” para las masas.
Videojuegos con ordenadores antiguos son una parte importante de la visión artística de Mauro – Su objetivo es traer de vuelta los 8-bits a sus raíces originales: los videojuegos musicales, “Gaiares 64, “Last Ninja Tribute”, “Summon Elemental”, Sushi in the fishbow!”, “Hamster in the oven”, son sólo unos cuantos títulos de la discografía de MAT64, inspirado en la historia del videojuego.

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