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I Against Me – Riding casseopea collidin planet heart by I against me

I against me is the combination of two friends that were born, they grew up and they will probably die in the sunny and desolate island, Sardinia (Italy). They have always been very passionate about music and video games on portable consoles, thus, it was a big surprise for them to discover in 2009, that there was a way to combine both. Since then, a furious research for several months made them take the first steps programming on different trackers for PC and Mac and after that they were able to exhume the dusty C64 and the Game Boy. Today, their gear is based on 2 Game Boys with Lsdj, the Commodore 64 with Cynthcart, 3 Kaoss pad and Microkorg. They have a strong musical background, ranging from ambient-electro-drone to alternative rock noise up to the contemporary big beat, mixed to create what they call “8-bit riot.”

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I against me es la unión de dos amigos que nacieron, crecieron y que probablemente morirán en la desolada y soleada isla de Cerdeña (Italia). A ellos siempre les gustó la música y los videojuegos en consolas portátiles, por tanto, se llevaron una grata sorpresa en 2009, cuando descubrieron que había una manera de combinar sus dos pasiones. Desde entonces, una investigación furiosa durante varios meses provocó que dieran sus primeros pasos programando con trackers para el ordenador logrando poco después desenterrar su polvorientas Commodore 64 y Game Boy. En la actualidad, su equipo está basado en 2 Game Boys con Lsdj, la Commodore 64 con Cynthcart, 3 Kaoss pad y Microkorg. Poseen una fuerte base musical, que va desde el ambient-electro-drone hasta el rock alternativo subido de ruido hacia el gran beat contemporáneo, mezclado para crear lo que ellos llaman “8-bit riot.”


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    we love our kid , check out I against Me’s release in our website ;)

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